About DEF CON Groups

A local DEF CON Group (DCG) is part of “a global community of hackers, thinkers, makers and others bent on being part of the elegant chaos they want to see in the world” (--The Dark Tangent)
DC Groups FAQ

DC 0471

The mission of DEF CON Group Trivandrum is to provide opportunities for anyone interested in technology and both the purposeful and unintended application of it. We will welcome people of all ages and all skill levels to participate, dialog, present, collaborate, build, or create anything that galvanizes the imagination.

Areas of interest

We are interested in every aspect of technology and life. But, we've a special interest in automation of cyber security related technologies, Red team methodologies, Philosophy, Making and breaking of IoT and hardware devices, AI, Machine learning etc etc
We have a collection of IoT hacking gadgets, Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards, RFID writer/reader, BadUSB, SDR receivers, HAM radio, Alpha cards and a few more cool stuff. Interested folks could come to our meetings and put their hands on it. Together we can learn things, make and break things.

Call for papers

If you have something interesting to say, just hit us up with your paper or research! What we need is your skills, experience, and knowledge.

A big shout-out to our Supporters